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King's reparatory justice claim is as alive as the power of his dream.
Let Drew Gilpin Faust and others, interested in ending the on-going "racial disparities" identified in the "President's Initiative on Race," join with the National African American Reparations Commission in urging President Obama to issue an executive order establishing the "John Hope Franklin Commission on Reparatory Justice.
The CRC asserts that victims and descendants of these CAH have a legal right to reparatory justice, and that those who committed these crimes, and who have been enriched by the proceeds of these crimes, have a reparatory case to answer.
Called upon the CARICOM Heads of Government to proceed urgently with the recommendation that the slave-owning and slave-trading European nations be invited to attend an inter-governmental reparatory justice summit in 2015.
The National Committees have all been engaged in a range of activities designed to build public awareness of the issue of reparatory justice.
In the wake of reputation damaging events, these firms may implement reparatory measures to clean up their corporate image.
Whereas some retribution is unavoidably sacrificed by pardoning the administrative and/or criminal actions of the whistleblower, part of the retributory "payback effect" is safeguarded with the preservation of reparatory justice through civil litigation.
Probably, the original designation of such contactual clauses was somewhat justifiable, the carrier seeking to protect himself against some abusive customers or against some requests for damages with obvious sanctioning nature and not reparatory one.
Lukacs's reparatory essays on aesthetics are the paradigmatic polemical documents of this formation, and thus must be reckoned with by future scholarship on the cultural formations of the British left.
However, this does not preclude them from acknowledging these wrongs and to commit themselves to the noble action of resolving them by accepting our reparatory claims.
The works contract will include activities related to: rehabilitation of the existing pavement, cleaning of existing culverts and shoulders, application of certain reparatory activities on bridges, culverts and other similar structure, replacement of traffic signs and road marking.
Furthermore, ayahuasca is capable of generating catharses and abreactions (maraes dos Santos and ano Holanda, 2006) with reparatory effects on the emotional level (Mabit, 2007).