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The document, framed as a 'Reparatory Justice' initiative, acknowledges that while the University of Glasgow lent support to efforts to abolish the trade in enslaved Africans and to end slavery, it also received significant financial support from people whose wealth was derived from African enslavement.
Finally, as is known, at least 8,000 indigenous people died during the Brazilian dictatorship, and the creation of reparatory mechanisms for the benefit of indigenous persons by the Brazilian state is more than urgent, be it by the executive branch, the legislative branch, or the judiciary.
Lastly, Part V explains why money damages are inadequate for making identity-harmed consumers whole and offers examples of reparatory remedies that would be far more effective for undoing the harm-in-the-world caused by virtuous dupery and for restoring consumers' values-integrity.
In his masterpiece on spiritual theology, Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, OP, explained the difference between the purificatory and reparatory night of the spirit.
For centuries, however, the descendants of those who were colonised and enslaved have been calling for reparatory justice to address the long-standing and harmful legacies of enslavement, colonial oppression and indigenous genocide.
of this type is free, public, preventive, oral, reparatory and
Since no inflammatory cells, nor structures that could be considered remains of a reparatory process in the area were recorded, the second option is not likely.
The most important conclusion of our study is that local reparatory stimuli in severely nerve-depleted tissue are present but are not efficient.
Dissatisfaction is frequently related to aesthetic expectations of the women not having been met with due to the reparatory nature of the procedure.
Upper reparatory infection is common and it spreads due to the dry weather,' said Dr Haider Akhter of the BBH.
Therefore, for each iteration in the EM algorithm, a reparatory projection step [17] is applied to the M-step for the purpose that the prior probabilities are positive and sum to one.
(2013) negative), desire for reconciliation lead customers to choose more reparatory than retaliatory behaviors.