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Of course there must be a rebalanced repartition among farmers but I think we will see a more transparent and equitable repartition.
It is much better to repartition a system and a team on a technical basis.
The control of normality repartitions of analyzed surface profile deviations is achieved by comparing the empirical repartition and theoretical-normal--repartition and determination of skewness and kurtosis coefficients of empirical distribution referring to theoretical distributions.
AaAa She underlined the measures taken in order to generalize access to health services and improve treatment quality, saying that the ministry strategy is based on a fair health services geographic repartition.
Classic features include disk defragmentation, directory repair and repartition on the fly.
Surveillance de l'acces--approches pour la repartition des taches et de la charge de travail
While some company policies will require the IT department to repartition a drive, it's comforting to realize that even non-technical users can repartition a drives should that become necessary.
Enhanced support for the NTFS file system used by Microsoft Windows enables users to more easily repartition the hard disk space--giving them the opportunity to take advantage of the stability and security of Linux, while maintaining the ability to access the Windows client when/if needed.
Neither did they appreciate the peasants' practice of offsetting land fragmentation through repartition and private land exchanges.
Try Drive Genius 3, the best hard drive utility software on the Mac platform - DrivePulse[R], Enhanced Defrag, DriveSlim[TM] and Enhanced Repartition are only a few of the award-winning features of Drive Genius 3.
Mariko a, en outre, denonce les [beaucoup moins que] visees imperialistes ciblant le continent africain [beaucoup plus grand que], avertissant sur [beaucoup moins que] une nouvelle forme de recolonisation mise en œuvre a travers la destruction et la repartition des Etats nations [beaucoup plus grand que].
Qu'il s'agisse des problemes lies a une juste repartition des moyens humains ou materiels, de prevention ou d'une distribution equitable des soins, c'est un droit de la personne humaine tel que le precise la charte des droits de l'homme.