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dynamic load balancing, data repartitioning, loop scheduling
REFORM PLAN: Peter Hain; A obvious split between green and orange; - SINN FEIN'S FRANCIE MOLLOY; Government is keen to get the numbers down; - DUP'S PETER WEIR; It will amount to a repartitioning of the North; - SDLP'S TOMMY GALLAGHER
Compounds and doses producing the greatest repartitioning from fat to protein often led to tougher cuts of meat.
Its 7-stage pipeline alleviates cache memory cycle time bottleneck, while the system bus logic repartitioning reduces the amount of logic needing to run at the maximum CPU clock speed.
Point transformations work on the building 10 without extension of the existing building: repartitioning to allow the installation of additional rooms unmarked, of activity rooms and an office, increasing the infirmary surfaces to create one extra bedroom and a tearoom and improved sound insulation, increase in areas of lingerie, creating a deposit in the basement and a relaxation room ARL, room transformation studies of the boarding room;
The BCM2019 host-based controller represents a novel repartitioning of the Bluetooth architecture, providing a lower-cost baseband solution optimized for systems with the processor and memory already present in a host device.
Viathan's technology will fundamentally change the way organizations plan their storage growth by allowing their storage capacity to be scaled incrementally without any application changes, repartitioning or downtime.
Administrators will be upgrading their servers and repartitioning existing servers as they work to meet Microsoft's hardware recommendations for adopting Windows 2000.
In addition to allowing customers to run Windows applications on Linux systems, VMware technology also affords Linux users a variety of useful capabilities: the ability to develop and test applications concurrently for multiple target environments, the ability to add new operating systems without disk repartitioning, the ability to network virtual environments and share files and devices, the ability to undo any changes made in a user session, and the ability to run new or untested operating systems or applications in a secure sandbox without risking the stability of critical data or applications.
Using VMware, Linux users can run multiple operating systems without rebooting or repartitioning, and easily share data between them.
boasts several industry leading features including transparent real-time data mirroring and One Button Bare Metal Restore and Deployment, the first solution to provide complete "hands off" remote repartitioning and full disk image loading.