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La nouvelle repartition place Agadir, en effet, dans un territoire touristique Atlantique, compose de l'axe Tiznit, Guelmim, Tan-Tan et Laayoune, alors que Ouarzazate et Zagora sont ralliees a un autre territoire baptise Atlas et Oasis.
The graphical representations, using Statgraphics[TM] software, of the autocorrelation functions for 1000 intervals is shown in figure 4 and the control of normality repartitions for 2000 deviations on 4 mm evaluation length is shown in figure 5.
The DigRF standard, which repartitions the analog to digital interface within the system layout, takes advantage of Skyworks' analog mixed signal capabilities, as well as software strengths.
0 also repartitions and reorganizes hard disks for seamless installation of new operating systems.