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And then Lord Greystoke wiped his greasy fingers upon his naked thighs and took up the trail of Kulonga, the son of Mbonga, the king; while in far-off London another Lord Greystoke, the younger brother of the real Lord Greystoke's father, sent back his chops to the club's CHEF because they were underdone, and when he had finished his repast he dipped his finger-ends into a silver bowl of scented water and dried them upon a piece of snowy damask.
I am quite sure that only in Fairyland could such a delicious repast be prepared.
Indeed, this mental repast is a dainty, of which those who are excluded from polite assemblies must be contented to remain as ignorant as they must of the several dainties of French cookery, which are served only at the tables of the great.
May my destiny ever lead unafflicted ones like you across my path, and those with whom I MAY have hope and repast and honey in common!
In Repast the shoes again reveal something about the characters.
Imagine finishing a marvelous repast with Carrot and Dried Fruit Pudding, Sweet Potato and Chevre Cheesecake Strudel, or Pumpkin Beignet Souffles.
NEW YORK-For those tired of taking their tea in a pedestrian cup and saucer, there is a new Alessi exhibit at the Max Protetch gallery here that pushes a simple midafternoon repast into the world of high design.
The book is structured around several dialogues the author has with two companions from time to time, usually during some sybaritic repast.
However, not one vegan dessert recipe is included, so after grilling up a satisfying repast, either follow Nancy's recipes in this Journal or just enjoy the abundant, delicious fruits of summer.
After such a highly spiced cultural repast, it may be a relief to reach for the champagne.
These full-flavored offerings made a robust repast out of classicism, thanks to some splendid performances.
On Friday and Saturday afternoons, enter this suitably Victorian setting for a repast including tea, scones, and cream puffs.