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ING said that it 'aims to repay another tranche this year' by using the proceeds from the sale of ING Direct USA to Capital One Financial Corporation (NYSE: COF) and debt exchange.
Under both bills, debtors with sufficient income to repay a percentage of their unsecured debts would not receive the full discharge formerly available under Chapter 7 and would be required to pay part of their debts under a Chapter 13 repayment plan.
Further, the Austrian central bank first wants to review how Erste Group Bank would replace the capital before allowing it to repay the debt.
Under the MOA, if Irwindale failed to perform its obligations, the Raiders' obligations would be extinguished, including the obligation to repay the advance.
Althoughjan is still solvent, she clearly is unable to repay the $50,000 loan balance.
Global Banking News-12 October 2009-Dubai Holding Commercial Operations Group repays loan to BNP Paribas(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
The amounts in the ESOP suspense account th at are used to repay the loan [of X] result from the sale of employer securities to an unrelated third-party buyer in a bona fide commercial transaction.
The CEO of the bank, Baudouin Prot, said that the bank is planning to repay its government bailout money before next summer.
The bank had hinted that it would be at a disadvantage at retaining key talent if it were not able to repay the funds soon.
It would be advisable in this situation to repay the debt in 1995 after its basis is completely restored, resulting in no debt repayment income while still enjoying the acceleration of the 1993 ordinary loss deduction.