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Of these emergency surgeries, 13 (20%) were damage control trauma operations in haemodynamically unstable patients, with 12 operations performed for bowel content contamination and sepsis, and only one performed predominantly for active bleeding, which required pack removal at repeat laparotomy.
On December 24 they have four films that are repeats, Wall-E, Curse of the Were Rabbit, 101 Dalmatians and Toy Story 3.
The difference between repeat values that your laboratory defines as significant for that test.
The first two Quality Statements of the NICE Quality Standards for glaucoma recommend local agreements for referral refinement and repeat measurements.
Next Thursday is a similar story with eight repeats on BBC1 and 13 on BBC2.
The increase in utilization rate is determined by the probability that the QC rule will trigger a repeat sample and the number of control samples that are examined if a repeat sample is obtained.
3 : to make or do again <I don't want to repeat a mistake.
Grab club just outside shoulder width Feet shoulder-width apart Hold club extended over head Lean body to one side, feeling stretch on opposite side Hold for brief moment and go immediately to other side and repeat Repeat each side three times each.
A few years ago, nets could count on a repeat broadcast of a hit drama to retain as much as 80 percent of its original audience.
Repeat with the other lunging leg, advancing forward several feet.
Typing of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a university hospital setting by using novel software for spa repeat determination and database management.