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Our most recent research, therefore, focused on methods by which deposit-to-deposit repeatability and proper paste volume could be realized.
Installed or "real world" accuracy and repeatability are much worse for every flow technology, since few flowmeters are installed in laboratory conditions:
The special challenge here was that there was practically no tolerance with regard to repeatability for these safety-related components.
A recently published study proposed easier repeatability criteria.
Repeatability and accuracy are often confused and rarely defined in a clear and unambiguous way.
Positioning of Proves for Accuracy & Repeatability.
The repeatability measurements for each instrument were made sequentially over a relatively short period of time.
The PQ Ruby Sub'tomic improves the already very good repeatability of Philips Analytical's standard PQ Ruby to 0.
The Repeatability Test demonstrates the repeatability and reproducibility of the SPC-1 IOPS and SPC-1 LRT metrics.
195), rendering it clear that repeatability must of a sorts have been demonstrated.
Using this technology, Ultra Clean Technology will conduct testing at its Menlo Park headquarters to ascertain the degree to which an individual component or assembly of components is a source of contamination, which can lead to equipment downtime, low process repeatability, and low yields.
Recognized for its superior performance, the ACE platform replaces time-consuming field tests that lack repeatability in multipath environments.