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To estimate the repeatability coefficient by the method of analysis of variance (ANOVA), the statistical model with two factors of variation was used:
Repeatability of maximum numbers of antral follicles was very high in follicular waves of same (0.
Only males for which we had at least three crows were included in ANOVA analyses to estimate the repeatability of male song properties.
For example, a DP transmitter which is characterized for flow can more than double flow turndown in a given installation, for a given installed accuracy and repeatability.
The two most common terms used to describe test repeatability are accuracy and precision.
The possibility of such an easy fix to a rather difficult repeatability question was too good to miss.
The definitions of accuracy and repeatability in the above paragraph indicate that the mean of the distribution of errors depends on the values of the variables while the standard deviation does not.
Positioning of Proves for Accuracy & Repeatability.
The Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement [3] defines repeatability conditions as the same conditions of measurement over a short period of time and reproducibility conditions as changed conditions of measurement.
The PQ Ruby Sub'tomic improves the already very good repeatability of Philips Analytical's standard PQ Ruby to 0.
This results in a higher level of repeatability from test to test.