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Leach also admitted punching the other man and striking him repeatedly on the head with an umbrella at a flat in Draffen Tower on February 18 last year.
The fiscal accepted pleas of not guilty to charges of assault and breach of the peace, said to have taken place between 1990 and 2015, which included allegations of instructing his wife what clothing she should wear, repeatedly refusing to let her leave home and instructing her to terminate a pregnancy when she did not want to.
He is also said to have repeatedly attended at a place where he knew or suspected Ms Cameron would be, again staring at her.
Williamson is alleged to have used lewd and libidinous practices towards the second girl on various occasions by repeatedly placing his hand under her clothing and underwear, touching her breasts and bottom and repeatedly kissing her.
The charge reads that they "did repeatedly throw bricks at him, striking him on the body and throw lit fireworks at him all to his injury".
On Thursday, radio host Alan Colmes repeatedly asked Babin if he concurred with Trump's assessment of Clinton.
Benitez, who is under contract until the end of the season, repeatedly rebuffed his inquisitors, even when asked if he would like to succeed Mourinho at the Bernabeu.
Even after being asked by the club bouncers not to touch the dancers, she repeatedly kept ignoring their requests, so much so that she even thrust her head between one of the women's legs.
The women said their father repeatedly warned he would kill them if they resisted, occasionally threatening them with firearms, said Lissl.
Repeatedly, Alan Pardew adopts a stance of utter helplessness which is starting to look pathetic.
A HI-TECH musical memorial to rock 'n' roller Ian Dury has been repeatedly vandalised.
Israel's previous government, of which Peres' Labor Party was also a part, repeatedly threatened to attack Iran over the program.