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What happened with late Prime Minister Rafik Hariri prior to his assassination is repeating itself with Saad Hariri," Rahhal said.
His point is that history is repeating itself and that the news from Afghanistan will turn out no better now than it was then.
The worms are passed from snails to fish to people, with the whole process repeating itself when human waste is disposed in waterways inhabited by sea life.
it was just history repeating itself, because the history of this country is that if you don't do what "they" want, the answer is to obliterate you.
The second part describes the ironic twist of history repeating itself in the 1993 disaster, which killed nine people.
All over the world this scenario is repeating itself, as ancient, traditional crop varieties yield to modern commercial ones.
History is repeating itself in the reign of a second Elizabeth, for there has been much ado about Ireland in recent work on the career of Edmund Spenser, with his activities as a planter overshadowing his accomplishments as a poet.