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In math, a pattern that repeats itself on different scales is called a fractal.
A prescient observation, though history never repeats itself exactly.
History repeats itself, and the enduring nostalgia for the comforms of home pervade this emotional work of literature.
The artist replaces his father at a moment when he was his age, but history, it appears, repeats itself.
I don't want guilt trips but to learn to forgive, work in partnership and make sure history never repeats itself again.
It is setting the bar high, but if history repeats itself our teachers and our students will respond and we will receive higher performance as a result.
But if the economy continues to gain momentum and history repeats itself, we should have a healthier real estate market characterized by an availability rate much closer to equilibrium in 2005 and 2006.
History repeats itself in many ways and the spiralling of the refugee situation is surely a sign that the human race has got to get its act together and to stop fostering hate.
So if this pattern repeats itself, there could be some big cod to be had during the winter of 2001-2002.
A shimmery three-tone phrase repeats itself as the dancers exit, one woman lifted in a split over the heads of the group, gently floating home.