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"Our new Hempatop Repel 800, used in combination with our innovative activated zinc primer Avantguard 770, simplifies the process and addresses all these challenges."
Some folks like to crush the leaves of the plants that repel bugs and rub them on their skin.
Prospect Genius will be putting a variety of proven Web marketing tactics to work for Repel Restoration INC.
This Question: Will two pieces of charged tape repel each other at different distances, depending on the length of the pieces?
"Suppose Inventor B discovers that the polish also repels water when rubbed onto shoes.
"The Repel coating keeps the die very flexible and prevents adhesive or label material from embedding in the cavities of a die," says Mike Wilks, Bunting's general manager for the flexible die division.
2 : to push away <Two magnets can repel each other.>
Once Deletum is brushed onto a building's walls, it repels all kinds of paint or ink, lasts for at least 10 years, and can be "tagged" with graffiti over and over with no ill effect.
Gerry moved to insert 'declare,' striking out [the congressional power to] 'make' war; leaving to the Executive the power to repel sudden attacks.
The oil stays mixed with the water and soap because the soap creates bonds on the surface that do not repel the water.
CS2Exchange Software, Holly Springs, NC, has released Repel for Outlook 1.0, a Microsoft Outlook(tm) add-in that provides effective spam filtering and begins working as soon as it is installed.
Thai computer expert Saranyou Punyaratanabunbhu has upgraded his free mosquito repelling Anti-Mal software to repel cockroaches and rats.