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The seeds are collected and spread at different places around a building, a house and in a homestead to repel snakes.
It is known to repel and kill ants, ticks, and fleas to name a few.
The Executive should be able to repel and not to commence war.
Water alone will not wash off the dirt because oil repels water.
Repel for Outlook activates whenever Outlook detects the arrival of a new email message.
0 can repel creatures in a two metre radius of the computer using sound waves, but due to PC speaker limitations can usually only repel one type of creature at a time.
These scents not only appeal to the human nose, but also repel insects, and can be incorporated into household products from shower gel to floor cleaner.
In bold strokes of audio-dacity Kevin Young has crafted his second book of poetry, To Repel Ghosts.
The center layer of Repel Waterproof Dressing absorbs exudate, reducing the number of dressing changes; the top layer allows gaseous exchange while protecting the wound from contaminates.
1, all Stainmaster branded carpets manufactured or shipped will have the Advanced Teflon Repel System.