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Themes in this category were soil acidity, water repellence and nutrient status.
Especially, the coatings maintain the unique properties of EPDM rubber, like weather resistance, heat aging resistance, low temperature flexibility, water repellence and high moisture vapor resistance.
The water repellence of the coating can be directly observed from the shape of the water droplet.
In wet condition, the original friction property of concrete pavements can be retained by improving their water repellence through using a coating of nano-lotus leaf.
The additional layer in the rear-surface stack is said to enhance what, in Neva Max, was already the market's leading anti-reflective coating, offering smudge resistance, 99% transmission, dust repellence, hydrophobicity and 'the highest possible level of scratch resistance.
Boeke SJ, Baumgard IR, Van Huis A, Dicke M and DK Kossou Toxicity and repellence of African plants traditionally used for the protection of stored cowpea against Callosobruchus maculatus.
The technology can be used in engineering desired textile attributes, such as fabric softness, durability, and breath ability and in developing advanced performance characteristics, namely, water repellence, fire retardation, antimicrobial resistance and so on for fibres, yarns and fabrics.
In addition to water repellence, the coating can repel oils, synthetic fluids, hazardous materials, dust and dirt.
We summarize the functionality and repellence of our proposed scheme and other schemes in Table 1.
Products incorporating nanotechnology are being developed and manufactured at an ever-growing rate, especially among clothing manufacturers that incorporate nanomaterials into fabrics to enhance stain and wrinkle resistance, and water repellence.
Although claying to a rate of 3-6% alleviated water repellence as well as adding valuable potassium to K-deficient soils, and the effects of claying and ripping were additive, only some of the treatments were more profitable than untreated areas over an 8-year period.