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Water repellence properties of sol-gel coated copper products
Hall D (2009) Water repellence. In 'Managing south coast sandplain soils to yield potential'.
Ag Soil Zones arc used for reporting on the following themes: soil acidity, wind erosion, water erosion, soil organic carbon, soil compaction, water repellence, and nutrient status (phosphorus).
Jungerius PD, De Jong JH (1989) Variability of water repellence in the dunes along the Dutch coast.
Delving reduces surface water repellence and can reduce mechanical impedance to root growth by breaking through the physical barrier at the A-B horizon boundary.
In order to determine which chemicals were involved in the repellence against Psyllids the extract was fractionated as follows: 200 g crude guava extract was taken in a 1000 mL beaker and added little water and stirred to make a paste.
DeBano LF (2000) The role of fire and soil heating on water repellence in wildland environments: a review.
Appreciation is given to Stefan Werisch for his excellent work on soil repellence and characterisation of heterogeneous flow at the Spydia field site.
Finishing effects include, for example, water repellency, flame retardency and insect repellence.
These sustainable, performance-driven fluorine efficient repellent and soil release finishes are based on short chain chemistry, which minimizes the environmental footprint without compromising performance--a breakthrough technology for protection, superior oil and water repellence and improved soil release.
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Water repellence of soil was measured using the molarity of ethanol droplet test (MED; King 1981).