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Especially, the coatings maintain the unique properties of EPDM rubber, like weather resistance, heat aging resistance, low temperature flexibility, water repellence and high moisture vapor resistance.
Toxic and repellence activities of four plant extracts to Dermestes maculatus Degeer on smoked african mud catfish, Clarias gariepinus Burchell.
Amalaha has claimed that he conducted "experiments" in physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics to test his theory and deduced that the repellence of two similar entities proves that same-sex marriage is wrong.
The water repellence of the coating can be directly observed from the shape of the water droplet.
The additional layer in the rear-surface stack is said to enhance what, in Neva Max, was already the market's leading anti-reflective coating, offering smudge resistance, 99% transmission, dust repellence, hydrophobicity and 'the highest possible level of scratch resistance.
Boeke SJ, Baumgard IR, Van Huis A, Dicke M and DK Kossou Toxicity and repellence of African plants traditionally used for the protection of stored cowpea against Callosobruchus maculatus.
This group does not include products for obtaining textile attributes, such as water repellence, waterproofing or fireproofing.
The technology can be used in engineering desired textile attributes, such as fabric softness, durability, and breath ability and in developing advanced performance characteristics, namely, water repellence, fire retardation, antimicrobial resistance and so on for fibres, yarns and fabrics.
The company said that the alternative which it plans to use, fulfils its demands on water repellence and has good environmental and health properties.
In Anastrepha ludens (Loew, 1873) (Diptera, Tephritidae) it has been observed that the olfactory perception of antennae changed after mating, in such a way that certain odor became more or less perceptible than others, including those involved in signaling attractiveness or repellence (Robacker et al.