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TableTop Repeller - portable, battery-powered device approximately the size of a large travel mug which effectively repels mosquitoes, gnats and midges from areas up to 15 X 15 feet.
Product/Service/Works Keywords: Electronic ultrasonic pest repeller.
The New Repellers: TableTop Mosquito Repeller is a portable, battery-powered unit about the size of a travel mug.
GARDENING Reader Offers Make the most of the your garden this Summer ORGANIC POND CLARIFIER SOLAR POWERED 100% organic Garden Genie PEST REPELLER BUY TWO, SAVE PS4 cleans algae bloom, blanket weed, Motion-activated 'Sonic & Flash' green scum, duckweed and more Keep uninvited cats, dogs and foxes from fouling your garden, and protect flower beds, bird feeders and pond life with the 'Sonic & Flash' PEST REPELLER.
The influencers include bloggers Garance Dore and Man Repeller Leandra Medine, rock 'n' roll royalty and DJ Alexandra Richards, Fashion Director of Tank Magazine and Because London Caroline Issa, Australian model Jessica Hart, The Misshapes' Leigh Lezark and American model and DJ Harley Viera-Newton.
I did the opposite of what all the other girls were doing, and I turned myself into a real man repeller.
Notable nominees include Leandra Medine of the Man Repeller (4 Nominations including one for her collaboration with GlossyBox and Coach), Emily Weiss of Into the Gloss (3 Nominations), Chiara Ferragni of the Blonde Salad (3 Nominations), Bryan Boy (2 Nominations including one for his collection with Adrienne Landau), Tina Craig and Kelly Cook of Snob Essentials, Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior (2 Nominations), Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea, Nicole Warner of Gary Pepper Vintage, Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast, and over 100 other nominees being recognized for their talent in content direction, photography, and social presence.
Keep uninvited cats, dogs and foxes from fouling your garden lawn, and protect flower beds, bird feeders and pond-life with this new 'Sonic & Flash' animal repeller.
Our Sonic Cat Repeller detects and repels cats without harming them.
Leandra Medine - founder of fashion blog Man Repeller
Customers who purchase a qualifying Mossberg turkey gun will receive a free Turkey Thugs decoy or ThermaCELL Mosquito Repeller.
I live with pest repeller around house and it works, but we are in the city and cities have this problem anyway.