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3b, where it is obvious that the projection from the top of the map (which is the upper boundary of the strange attractor) intersects exactly at the repeller, which marks the position of the basin boundary.
99 Mosquito Repeller admitted at an earlier hearing to applying a false trade description.
But they found that the bugs were neither repelled by nor attracted to the sounds of the repellers.
A recent study conducted by Landacre Research of New Zealand concluded that electronic devices, such as Riddex Plus Digital Pest Repeller, failed to demonstrate effectiveness at repelling mice.
Pest Xt 4-in-1 Ultra Sonic Pest Repeller The Pest XT 4-In-1 indoor ultrasonic pest repeller uses electromagnetic and ultrasound to keep pests away.
of Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller for 1) Borsa pada , TR unit no-14F07 , R / South Ward Kandivali (W), 2) Daulat Nagar, TR unit no- 1673, R / Central Ward Borivali (E), 3) Shimpoli Pumping, TR unit no-1201, R / Central Ward Borivali (W)
Leandra Medine, founder of The Man Repeller blog, teamed with Superga for a collaborative line of sneakers to be sold at Superga shops and high-end department stores, including Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale's;
OTCBB:RIMC) announced today that its infomercial marketing Pest Offense -- a microprocessor driven electronic pest repeller -- is rapidly gaining acceptance in the market.
5V LR6 batteries (not supplied) IDM5838 IDM2585 IDM1385 Cat, Fox, Dog & Rodent Repeller ONLY PS25.