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Industry regulators have evaluated AsahiGuard E-Series repelling agents and determined them to be safe and effective for use in a variety of nonwoven applications, such as medical products, automotive textiles, clothing, uniforms and personal protective equipment.
What does it mean that repelling water is "inherent"?
All waterfowl, for example ducks, produce an oily secretion to make their feathers water repelling. ecorepel(r) imitates exactly this sort of impregnation as it is based on long, biodegradable paraffin chains that wrap themselves as a spiral around the individual fibers, filaments or yarns in a very fine film.
To create a breathable barrier, Gin and his colleagues turned to a lyotropic liquid crystal, which has two different ends: one water loving, the other water repelling. The researchers placed the liquid crystals in water, which caused the water-loving ends to pack together and form nanometer-scale pores.
Recent research at Iowa State University suggests that catnip may be about 10 times more effective at repelling mosquitoes than DEET.
Thai computer expert Saranyou Punyaratanabunbhu has upgraded his free mosquito repelling Anti-Mal software to repel cockroaches and rats.
This method is good for repelling insects for a few weeks.
The army killed and injured 60 mercenaries and destroyed an armored fighting vehicle, in addition to a military vehicle while repelling three infiltration toward Aleeb crossing, Asir province, he added.
The army men engaged in fresh fighting with Tahrir al-Sham in the small town of al-Zalaqiyat in Northern Hama, repelling their offensive.
The Nigerian Army said its troops had been in pursuit of Boko Haram insurgents after repelling insurgents' attack at Moloi area of Maiduguri.
BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / Four elements of Daesh were killed , during repelling the attack by the elements of Daesh organization in Al-Hadhar area in Qayyara .