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We must strengthen our communities and build resilience before injecting any repentant insurgent into such communities.
It is apparent that Ruys believes the best way to come to terms with the older, repentant Abelard is by means of a complete study of the Carmen ad Astralabium and the Planctus.
Anwar Mansoor Khan said he was repentant over his attitude.
Speaking at the debut of "The Repentant," the writer-director said he invested much of the purse from last year's win in making the new film, a feat he accomplished in about seven months.
The oil industry is increasingly witnessing less security challenges as most militants involved in kidnapping oil workers, with the amnesty by the Federal Government for repentant militants.
Sheen, who has been verbally ranting and personally attacking his sitcom boss creator Chuck Lorre for weeks, looks anything but repentant.
On a more general note, it is all very well for a murderer to be repentant, but we need to stop the killings in the first place.
I hope Mike Tyson is repentant and this is what he bases his talks on.
Perhaps recognizing that that criticism carries weight with many people, Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi announced that those people convicted of security offenses for the protests who are repentant will be offered pardons.
In his letter to the Supreme Leader, the Judiciary chief had emphasized that the repentant convicts would be eligible for pardon or sentence reduction if the Leader approved.
She said they should be incarcerated until it's proven they can go back into society repentant and changed people.
Perhaps the intensity of his repentance facing death, combined with the prayers of those who loved him, in light of Christ's incomprehensible mercy, has had him follow the pattern of the repentant thief: "Truly I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.