repentant person

See: penitent
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The door to repentance is always open and will not be closed in the face of any repentant person, regardless of his sins.
The Lord Jesus used the symbol of the pearl to describe the allembracing forgiveness of God in the life of a repentant person, whose attitude and actions have previously displeased Him.
This book has a novel approach to saints' lives, an approach which teaches an important truth: God forgives the repentant person, indeed so much that they can not only gain heaven but can also gain the glory and pre-eminence of beatified or canonized saints.
He gives particular attention to one basic problem in Scheler's account of repentance, namely, a tendency to let forgiveness arise in the repentant person simply by the force of the act of repenting and not to give due weight to the divine initiative without which there is no forgiveness.