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Rather, reasoning helps me to identify the fallacies of my past--it behaves repentantly.
Then, in 1998, came the once-unimaginable spectacle of a Russian leader repentantly sanctioning the interment of the remains of Tsar Nicholas II in the Cathedral of St.
I really shouldn't have done the dance," she said repentantly.
In a christening sermon, Donne stresses that "all the actuall sinnes [of the infant's] future life, shall be drowned in this baptisme, as often, as he doth religiously, and repentantly consider, that in Baptisme .
Watt, discussing the "insoluble question" of "whether we ever completely forget anything" offers: "Those who have lost hope and take refuge in the past, as well as those who are fretful of the past and brood over it repentantly and complainingly, soon come to the conviction that nothing is really beyond recall" (ETM, 4, 5).
After a number of unavailing offerings she brings a guilty old man, who weeps repentantly.