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Jewish law tells us, ``One must not say to a person who has repented and changed his way of life, remember your former transgressions.
When Ibn Abbaas (radiallahu 'anhu) went to the Khawaarij to debate with them, about half or more of them repented.
People close to him said that he repented and regretted what he had said about Allah and His Prophet.
But what's done can be repented of, and what's repented of can be forgiven.
A 30-year-old man con victed of adultery has been stoned to death in northern Iran, but the consenting woman repented and was spared stoning.
Its culmination was a time when I repented for my life's misdeeds.
I repented for the way my race had so awfully mistreated the people of Africa, especially for the Slave Trade.
Malone knew what she was doing and there is no indication whatsoever that she has repented because she continues to slander the Church.
During her years in prison, those who came to know Myra - prison officials, doctors and lawyers - knew well that Myra truly repented.
Levi clearly repented that day, and although his descendants never had a land of their own, God still blessed them.
If he has repented, and completed his sentence, we will welcome him here with open arms.
The lifestyle Diana led didn't point to the fact that she had repented and so she would go to Hell.