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De son cote, le professeur d'economie et membre du Forum tunisien des droits economiques et sociaux (FTDES) Abdejalil Bedoui a mis en garde contre le danger que constitue l'ALECA et ses repercussions negatives sur l'agriculture tunisienne.
Besides, it calls for better co-ordination between the monetary policy and the State budget to avoid the negative repercussions imposed by the international financial institutions.
Patna (Bihar) [India], Aug 10 ( ANI ): Another wagon was added in the midst of Bihar's ongoing "battle", when Senior Janata Dal (United) (JD(U)) leader Sharad Yadav announced that he would kickstart a three-day Jan Samvad Yatra to discuss the repercussions of the withdrawal of the grand alliance in the state, adding that the 'faith' of 11 crore people of Bihar was 'broken'.
Banks are leaving nothing to chance after experiencing severe repercussions following the Brexit vote.
The minister said sending notice to Hamza Ali Abbasi never meant to target anybody but to make him realize that his post created sensationalism and panic and had serious repercussions for parents.
Repercussions not only succeeds at honoring those who offered resistance, but provides an opportunity to understand a tumultuous and vital time in South African history.
The repercussions of greenhouse gas emissions more than double if flights to and from Cyprus are also included.
They should realize that developments such as the Iranian deal might lead to changes on various levels, and in various directions, and that some of these repercussions might end up canceling each other out.
While talking to reporters after inaugurating the computerised domicile centre here on Wednesday, he said that though Pakistan should play its role to protect the territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia, direct involvement in Yemeni civil war would have serious repercussions for the country.
There is strong evidence that this reclassification will have significant economic repercussions distorting competition, thwarting innovation, and reducing consumer welfare in the United States.
King Abdullah II reviewed the latest developments related to the Syrian crisis and its repercussions on the neighboring countries, and Jordan's position which calls for a comprehensive political solution to the crisis that ends the suffering of the Syrian people and preserves the unity of Syria's land and people.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A US debt default would cause serious economic repercussions, including "deeply damaging" financial markets, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warned lawmakers Thursday a week before a deadline to raise the US borrowing limit.