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No matter how sensational or repercussive a piece of information, it will not be published unless those making publication decisions have judged its bearer as credible.
As is well known but not mentioned here, Morrison's master's thesis focused on Virginia Woolf and Faulkner, and Morrison later remarked that she was drawn to Faulkner not merely because he shared the modernist pyrotechnics of Woolf, but because his work addressed, head on, the perverse and endlessly repercussive impact of racism on American history, psychology, and language.
"They always require Treasury approval because they are usually novel, contentious and potentially repercussive.
"Things ought not to remain the way they are, for the repercussive impact of the government formation delay is starting to affect us," Wahhab said after the meeting whereby he drew attention to the necessity of our team' s stepping in with their plan to govern and take power together with an immediate initiative toward a government formation according to a certain schedule.
have no repercussive bearing on Kuwait's oil-exporting capacity, as Kuwait has
Some stakeholders described how the lengthened retention rates of young Travellers within the educational setting appear to expose them to peer drug experimentation and use and repercussive drug use filtering into the older Traveller communities.