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REPERTORY. This word is nearly synonymous with inventory, and is so called because its contents are arranged in such order as to be easily found. Clef des Lois Rom. h.t.; Merl. Repertoire, h.t.
     2. In the French law, this word is used to denote the inventory or minutes which notaries are required to make of all contracts which take place before them. Dict. de Jur. h.t.

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Hahnemann's 1817 hand-written unpublished Symptomenlexicon was the first repertory.
I have also not been informed that the state government would dissolve the repertory now," Soumitra said.
Merrimack Repertory Theatre artistic director Charles Towers has said the ultimate intent would be to find a permanent home in Worcester - ideally seating 400 to 450 people - with productions of each play in the MRT season taking place in Lowell and Worcester.
The historic Old Rep was the original home of Birmingham Repertory Theatre," she said.
Associate professor Jenifer Craig, the UO Repertory Dance Company co-artistic director, will revisit a work premiered in 1990 called "Breadlines and Dreams.
Banks further argues that despite the appearance of a lute repertory written and printed in tablature, the lute consort repertory in textless chansonniers, written in mensural notation, was the product of the intersection between the vocal repertory of the chapel and the humanistic repertory of the improvisatori.
Brundibar * (Berkeley Repertory Theatre) "It's a testament to the creative power of human beings, even in dark times, to turn ugliness into music," says Angels in America playwright Tony Kushner about his musical fable set in the years leading up to WWII.
Reflecting on the pleasure Repertory has given over the years, Saunders said: "I bought him for only 8,500gns from Mick Channon, who said he might do well in a small yard like mine, and he's been a tremendous flag-bearer.
We're thrilled to present Carrie Fisher performing her enthralling story on our stage," says Benjamin Moore, Manager Director at Seattle Repertory Theatre.
Ballet, jazz, modern, company repertory, yoga, Pilates, percussion for dancers, Bartenieff and partnering.
With the return of the three-play repertory format in 2004, the Bard really is back.
Radio Golf premiered in May 2005 at the Yale Repertory Theatre (directed by Timothy Douglas) and again with substantial rewrites in August 2005 at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles (directed by Kenny Leon).