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The famous Smarandache repetitional generalized sequence S(n, k) is defined as following: n1n, n22n, n333n, n4444n, n55555n, n666666n, n777777 7n, n88888888n, n999999999n, n10101010101010101010n, .
For example, "In the recent 'integrated' mode of organization in many industries, involving the combination under one director of a number of geographically separated plants, it has seemed wise to form a new basis for buying, consisting in the establishment of a centralized purchasing department, which takes direct charge of the buying of the larger and repetitional items, supervising at the same time the local purchasing of smaller items at the various plants" (Diemer 1900).
It is well known that the activation energy of linear PLLA is a specific parameter depending on the repetitional diffusion of chain segments.