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Devotional practices that involved the repetitious declaration of these prayers--on, say, "paternoster" beads--can be identified as early as the ninth century, by which time already the characteristic pattern of the "three fifties" was not uncommon.
Many common tasks used to create repetitious graphs and charts in Red Rock DeltaGraph can be automated now without needing to program using AppleScript.
He says that as far back as the 1960s, then-University of Kansas Professor Robert Sterling demonstrated that the terms embodied in the standard definition of that time--revenue, realization, earnings process and exchange transaction--were redundant synonyms and, therefore, circular, repetitious and ambiguous.
While a little repetitious, it does reveal how the dancers tend to think along similar lines.
Furthermore, the repetitious nature of ballet and the long hours spent rehearsing cause over-use injuries.
PLAYWRIGHT Harold Pinter has been long-famed for his repetitious, sparse dialogue and even sparer situations which created a dramatic world of his own.
The work was deadeningly repetitious, wages were just above minimum wage, employee turnover was high, orders were up, the quota was increased, and Tony found himself working 60 hours a week.
The molded fiber Shock Blocks require no cutting, assembly or repetitious motions, and are easy to shrinkwrap or carton.
This publication, the fruit of a team of five scholars, is enriched with an appropriate volume of footnotes that provides historical and philological clarifications without overwhelming the text, and two exhaustive introductions that, although wordy and repetitious at times, are nonetheless crucial to the evaluation of Sepulveda's work.
THOSE of us shrewd enough last year to grab the odds about Paul Haigh taking repetitious swipes in the direction of Attheraces have plenty to smile about.
Repetitious exercises to improve gait or maintain strength and endurance and assistive walking, such as provided in support for feeble or unstable patients, are appropriately provided by supportive personnel, e.
its lengthy repetitious monotony, its disconnect from the liturgy, and its excessively sentimental tone.