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Throughout Speculum, she acknowledges and repetitiously names events within the womb-cave as a game, "un jeu.
Every so often, the musak was punctuated by a cyberman's voice repetitiously stating something like "sorry for the delay, but we are experiencing high call volumes.
Following Butler, the inscription of homosexuality on the gay male body requires that gay men must repetitiously perform this hetero/homosexual behavioral difference.
For example, topics like the Federal White Paper released in 1969, the American Indian Movement, the Wounded Knee Massacre, and government restrictions on sacred Aboriginal ceremonies like the potlatch are repetitiously addressed in some detail in various chapters.
140) At the Dilling trial, defense lawyers repetitiously lodged identical objections on behalf of each of the defendants to delay the trial and frustrate the judge.
I note further the Night Man's unusual use of the word "brawl"--as in "wild party," to Vargas's bewilderment--which is also Othello's repetitiously scornful term for the melee in Cyprus.
Those who have experience know the debilitating effects of growing certain plants repetitiously in the same soil or inbreeding animals.
These stories and memories of fragmented existence, according to Said, should be said "loudly enough, repetitiously enough and stridently enough.
But it's the act of repetitiously reading these and following the plot (a lot of drinking and bonging, playing and listening to music, watching TV, working, juggling romance) that one becomes engrossed, and that's when the three panel format allows for so much more to be said.
In describing his "curious life" Jardine quotes liberally, perhaps sometimes repetitiously, from his diaries to flesh out his personality.
Nor does he critically examine alternative views, but repetitiously invokes the parallels between Christian violence against Jews in the past and Nazi atrocities in the Holocaust.