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The form Don Juan took, DeLynn says, "saved me from thinking I needed to present some grand epiphany and enabled me to deal with the repetitiousness of everything" (13).
Caxton's obsessively conjunctive periods might lead us to snicker at the lack of self-consciousness in his praise of Chaucer for writing "no voyde wordes," but beneath the repetitiousness of the style lurks a genuine concern about the printing of an unfinished text.
In the sound of a few leaves" has two basic effects: it repeats the phrasal structure of "in the sound of the wind" and thus initiates the increasingly rapid rhythm resulting from the very pointed syntactical repetitiousness (which itself is enhanced by the many repeated words) of the last nine lines.
Ellmann acknowledges existing critiques of Bowen's fiction that accuse the writer of committing the aesthetic crime of repetitiousness, but she counters such reductive assessments by consistently demonstrating, through meticulous close reading, that "what is remarkable is the infinite variety of stories that Bowen fashions out of the limited repertoire of her addictions, much as Beethoven elicits symphonies out of a single phrase, or the Freudian unconscious conjures up a world of dreams out of a few psychic scars" (9).
Now I make the repetitiousness of porn serve my sense of timing rather than pressuring it.
However, Cousineau's prose is equally as clear as Freedman's, at the slight cost of occasional repetitiousness.
Although the density of the analysis and repetitiousness of some arguments will make this book accessible only to specialists and advanced students, The Family on Trial will loom large in discussions about the history of the revolution.
The story of the madness that overtakes the two main characters shows that lives formerly structured by hope and expectation inexorably give way to the dehumanizing repetitiousness of automatism.
That is, if you can get through the laborious tangential passages and repetitiousness of the word "Tuskegee.
Throughout the novel, music--mostly bad music--plays an important symbolic role, suggesting the regimented lockstep of the Stalinist years, the thin gruel of popular movie culture and the dreary repetitiousness of life under Communism.
The duplication of images already present in the dialogue is, in the counter, hardly an example of indolent repetitiousness but rather that of the conscious use of an ingenious eyeglass to produce a refutation.
Rather, as the media landscape teems ever more vigorously with partisanship and shout shows, infotainment, 24-hour-a-day repetitiousness and the near-anarchy of the Web world, journalism has a fine opportunity: To define itself in opposition to others.