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They have repetitively talked about genetically-modified, high-yield crops.
They do not use the same mechanic too repetitively but they do not get too fancy.
The Job Scripting Tool allows for repetitively performed jobs to be saved and then automated.
Stress fractures occur when bones are repetitively stressed over short periods of time without adequate time for repair, and are more common in women than men.
CES successfully met the very stringent weld properties established by CalEnergy for this project by repetitively producing 100-percent flawless X-ray welds.
These keyboards allow users to take advantage of shortcut commands that have been designed into computer applications, either for Section 508 compliance or for advanced users who use same commands repetitively.
It is not more efficient to put parts of courses online because of the increased amount of time that is needed to monitor and respond to students individually and often repetitively (a point echoed by Cavanaugh as reported in his interview with Distance Education Report, 2006).
1) when quality control (QC) rules are repetitively violated;
In contrast to most libraries, in which reading areas are ranged around a core of books and stacked repetitively on top of one another, here the floors are cut away to provide a diversity of spaces, each with a distinct character, and each a part of a single interior volume.
Quite literally, since there is even an automated sculpture here in which a mechanized, bewigged male manikin repetitively plies his sponge between a wall-mounted mirror and the gallery floor.
It's been repetitively drilled into people's minds,'' Mandella said.
Resetting--which uses the physiological principle of reciprocal inhibition--is the process of strengthening muscle groups opposite the ones that are repetitively used.