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Rushing here and there, we attempt to mask the repetitiveness of existence.
Changes in employment shares are found to be negatively related to the initial level of routine intensity, interpreted as task repetitiveness, at the occupational level (see Bisello, 2013).
Sidel states the new stretching console provides many benefits, such as enabling constant control of the stretching position and speed, which ensures perfect repetitiveness of the process.
McElligott's 80s pop-influenced songs came and went in an uninspired blur of repetitiveness.
Repetitiveness is a characteristic of observance and Tetkowski's re-presentation of the past--with memories redolent of the extensive planning and preparation, making and dedication of these two works at the United Nations nearly a decade ago--allows us viewers the freedom to remember.
Archer has handled this very intelligently and is keen to stress that he has made an effort to avoid repetitiveness.
Spliced with original music by Pete Drungle, Glass' pulsating horns fuel the cyclical motifs, the transfixing repetitiveness, of the choreography.
Where If We Could Change the World falls somewhat short is in the repetitiveness of some of the first two chapters.
The publication's few shortcomings include repetitiveness, a problematic timetable, and several lapses in grammar and spelling (which may have been typos).
This has been reflected in the rather plastic setting of most Bollywood movies and the digital repetitiveness of the music.
He proceeds carefully at a slow pace that makes, a certain repetitiveness notwithstanding, for comfortable reading.
Because of the unavoidable repetitiveness of our daily actions and responsibilities, we tend to fall into a rut that may be boring but is nevertheless somewhat comfortable in its sameness and predictability.