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Given the book's heft and repetitiveness, however, Indian exceptionalism may well be what most readers take away from it.
Rushing here and there, we attempt to mask the repetitiveness of existence.
The features have been introduced to solve the problems of over-complexity and repetitiveness through flashbacks.
The machine also creates pretty exact mixes which is good for people who would want consistency and repetitiveness of flavour.
One thing more important would have been ensuring that the game's glitches, poor presentation and repetitiveness were sorted out.
For the rest, it's a romantic notion quickly dispelled by the harsh reality of our landscape and the gruelling repetitiveness of the work.
INITIALLY I was struck by the chirpy repetitiveness of Linkin Park's new album, Living Things.
Throughout the process, the aim is to ensure maximum process precision and repetitiveness, while obtaining optimal production speed.
The Rotatruck hand truck fully supports a load by itself while reducing the effort, time and repetitiveness of its use.
Archer has handled this very intelligently and is keen to stress that he has made an effort to avoid repetitiveness.
The publication's few shortcomings include repetitiveness, a problematic timetable, and several lapses in grammar and spelling (which may have been typos).
Where If We Could Change the World falls somewhat short is in the repetitiveness of some of the first two chapters.