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London [UK], August 2 ( ANI ): In an era of feminism where it's time to rephrase 'Men are from Mars , women from Venus' to 'Men and women are from the same planet Earth ', splitting the bills on a first date can lead to a long lasting bond.
Exxon asked us to rephrase some of the wording, which in general will not affect the provisions of (State Oil Marketing Organisation) Somo's oil export agreement.
The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry decided to include the English translations of disease and other terms as well as to rephrase difficult expressions from this year's exam in light of the low pass rate for foreigners.
The characters rephrase the same feelings and regrets until they finally get their point across, which is simply (as the Beatles put it in a four-minute song) all you need is love.
It was found that of the 557 communication strategies identified by the researcher, the subcategory of interactional coping devices showed the most frequent use of communication strategies for a total of 47% of all communication strategies used by the participants; within this subcategory, the most frequently occurring were response: confirm, asking for clarification, and response: rephrase.
The Ministers discussed two bills on establishing the Quality Regulation Agency and the National Council for Quality, referring the bills to the Cabinet's economic, services, infrastructure and human development committees to enrich them and rephrase them in accordance with the Cabinet's discussions and directives in order to present the bills to the Cabinet during a later session.
In the reading from Leviticus we find a portion of the Holiness Code that seems to rephrase a majority of the Decalogue.
Maybe I should rephrase the question - how easy is it to get good quality independent advice?
59pm 30 OCTOBER 2009 SO WE'RE on the Ten to Follow trail, well maybe I should rephrase that, you are on the Ten to Follow trail, as one of the biggest down sides to working for the Racing Post is that us employees are not allowed to enter the greatest competition in racing.
Let me rephrase that, I'm really attracted to strong female characters.
Or let me rephrase things: It should not have been necessary that this book had to be written.
If he answers without a preposition, repeat the question, and then rephrase his answer emphasizing the preposition by making louder and more dramatic: 'Where do you want to go?