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With the settlement of the second support agreement, the earlier revised and rephrased agreement dated May 3, 2016, has become invalid, according to the Oklahoma-based business.
Similarly, Article 108 was rephrased as follows with the approval presidents of parliamentary groups:" Judgements shall be issued in the name of the people.
BEIRUT: Civil society activists and the Lebanese Forces have criticized changes to a draft law intended to protect women from domestic violence, after the parliamentary subcommittee discussing the draft rephrased it to address families rather than women.
Cirba's blog and probably would have rephrased had he known that would be the case.
Then he rephrased the question and asked me: aeHow much does your life cost?
When the question was rephrased to include the probability of outsourcing most of their claim adjusting procedures, however, the numbers dropped to 4.
EDA rephrased its preference for a multilateral approach to trade liberalisation as long as issues of domestic and export support are addressed in a balanced way along with import tariffs.
If the initial attempt at communicating failed, the officer rephrased the concept, avoiding words that may have caused the problem.
Though Kathy tells her story in England in the late 1990s, this is a speculative England, one where our own questions about class difference, medical ethics, and social responsibility are rephrased in dramatic and troubling ways.
This publication includes unrestricted government information, which was rephrased for application to civilian facilities.
Whether spoken or written, her highly crafted statements were largely repeated or rephrased from one occasion to the next.
When the three members of Mr Crane's No Fear team asked for clarification, he rephrased this to 'regular presenters'.