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The company alleges that Repine is wrongfully refusing to let Seneca claim the 110 percent value - $22 million - it seeks for its final cost amount.
Hence, when one class of the community repine at the prosperity of another class, they repine at their own mercies, and the means of increasing their own rate of compensation" (1841, 125).
Several of the manifestoes acclaim the influence of Bunuel and repine the lack of international exchange with more filmmakers, artistic movements, and philosophical investigations (Michel "Mexican" 51; Garcia Reira 30-1; Elizondo 37).
They are like Swift's Struldbruggs in Gulliver's Travels, who, "whenever they see a funeral, they lament and repine that others are gone to an harbour of rest, to which they themselves never can hope to arrive.
More than anything by Keats or Shakespeare, this lapsed verbal comedy ("But nay, reveil thee to repine / Against thy love so asinine
The narrator related that he had learned "never to repine at my own misfortunes, or to envy the happiness of another, since it is impossible for any man to form right judgement of his neighbor's sufferings.
Yet do I not repine / Knowing that Bird of mine / Though flown-- / Learneth beyond the sea / Melody new for me / And will return.
Not the best thing I ever did, he would repine in dry Eliotean fashion.
two stepsons, Phil Fusilier of Eugene and David Fusilier of Spring, Texas; a stepdaughter, Penny Repine of Salem; a sister, Sally Kimp of Prescott, Ariz.
Repine covering the use of ergothioneine, a naturally occurring antioxidant known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effectiveness, as a way to treat or prevent ALI/ARDS.
They make obeisance and retire in haste, Too soon to seek again the watery waste: Yet they repine not--so that Conrad guides; And who dare question aught that he decides?
Zeph: What if your friends repine, and will not giue?