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The company alleges that Repine is wrongfully refusing to let Seneca claim the 110 percent value - $22 million - it seeks for its final cost amount.
The joint venture has the rights to patent-pending technology created by Dr Repine covering the use of ergothioneine, a naturally occurring antioxidant known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effectiveness, as a way to treat or prevent ALI/ARDS.
e de radicais livres formados durante a peroxidacao lipidica (HEFFNER & REPINE, 1989; DAMASCENO et al.
With an injection of scriptural resonance, we may repine in the wilderness or strive towards the promised land.
As a student of Hegel's ethics I can see that it is morally wrong to repine about the egalitarian aspirations of the underprivileged millions on this over-populated planet (as Mure does); and I understand why in the universal community which the economic and technological growth imperative of the scientific Enlightenment created, as the structural context of this problem of over-population, the possibilities of error and the penalties of failure are greater and more terrible than they were in the world of the national communities which 'the judgement of God' could purge and keep healthy by the periodic experience of warfare.
Encouraged by his instructors, he applied to the distinguished Repine Academy of St.
As the narrator notes that Skiageneia left Callistes "to rejoice, / Repine, yearn, and know not his aim, / The life of their day in her voice, / Left her life in her name" (9-12).
They are just the rude stories one hears In sadness and mirth, The records of wandering years, And scant is their worth Though their merits indeed are but slight, I shall not repine, If they give you one moment's delight, Old comrades of mine.
I cannot repine that this Capitol has replaced the wigwam--this Christian people, replaced the savages.
Hence, when one class of the community repine at the prosperity of another class, they repine at their own mercies, and the means of increasing their own rate of compensation" (1841, 125).
La accion de la CAT y el sistema de reciclaje del glutation son considerados el factor clave de este mecanismo protectivo cheffnery Repine, 1989).