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In my 2007 book on the genre, Romantic Comedy: Boy Meets Girl Meets Genre, I concluded my historically-situated survey of the screwball, sex comedy, and 'radical' Seventies romantic comedy by coming up-to-date and repining that, by contrast with its genuinely comical forebears, the contemporary romcom is unfunny and liable to render the whole genre moribund.
For once, love in a cottage has a reasonably happy ending, and without the pining and repining of literary stereotypes.
Unlike most other plays featuring cross-dressed women, audiences aren't entirely in on the joke; they hear no asides about Bellamie's essential femininity, no repining for her master's love.
could the Great Unexpected Specimen be repining uncared-for in some least-likely place?
In "The Main of Light," one of three essays he wrote on the English poet nearly seventeen years his senior, Seamus Heaney contends that "while Larkin is exemplary in the way he sifts the conditions of contemporary life, refuses alibis and pushes consciousness towards an exposed condition that is neither cynicism nor despair, there survives in him a repining for a more crystalline reality to which he might give allegiance" (132).
Jennifer Miller, a naked gender-bending bearded woman, gazes back at the reader with dolorous dejection, while a similarly nude Karen Finley faces away from the reader, concealed yet conspicuously repining.
Hero after hero, 'til I wondered if sorrow had any power, or repining any place in the world
It's fun these days to read all the jubilant punditeers who favor the Democrats now lashing Bush and Cheney for the way they made their fortunes while repining the glories of the Clinton boom, when the dollar was mighty and the middle classes gazed into their 401(k) nest eggs with the devotion of Volpone eyeing his trove.
The Soviet government did not waste time repining over Daoud.
Wilson later wrote to his son there is not a single instance of repining for the Lost Cause and there is much evidence that Dr.
The Duke of Bi, repining with sighs, Deeply pondered the Way of old.