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All too like the dreary eve Sighed within repining grief- Sighed at first-but signed not long, Sweet-How softly swift it came
Jennifer Miller, a naked gender-bending bearded woman, gazes back at the reader with dolorous dejection, while a similarly nude Karen Finley faces away from the reader, concealed yet conspicuously repining.
She hangs the garland in her hair, Smiling above unending pain: She knows the worst, and does not care: Her beauty says, to foul and fair, Tears are wrong, and all repining vain.
Hero after hero, 'til I wondered if sorrow had any power, or repining any place in the world
The Soviet government did not waste time repining over Daoud.
As was customary in the novels preceding it, Put Out More Flags also proffers portraits of the repining nostalgic ill-at-ease with a now wartorn modernity, but as in the early farces, this nostalgia remains in wartime a prime target for ironic deflation.
The Duke of Bi, repining with sighs, Deeply pondered the Way of old.
A detailed analysis revealed that the anomalous 1980 figure may have been the result of the small number of jurisdictions repining that year.
She informs us that she prizes happiness over money and that she is a woman of action, determinedly optimistic in the face of misfortune: "Although it was no easy thing for a widow to make ends meet, I never allowed myself to know what repining or depression was, and so succeeded in gaining not only my daily bread, but many comforts besides, from the beginning (6-7).
In 'Nell', written some two months later, Wright strikes a more extreme pose; the repining lover longs for extinction with his beloved, as the poem concludes,
After repining, matured grain yields of all treatments were harvested separately.