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Adams' analogical vocabulary with its repititious remarking on unity and multiplicity, forces and energies, order and chaos, seems to have exhausted itself in that exhibition hall in Paris.
The drawback is that since the book is a translation of the original Italian version, Un 'italiana in Iraq, the writing tends to amble along and, at times is repititious. However, you can't really expect focused, sharp writing from a person who spent two birthdays in Iraq, saw her Iraqi and non-Iraqis friends die and was nearly killed twice.
He also won the Rogers Gold Cup at The Curragh on the same horse as well as picking up a Wokingham Handicap on Battle Hymn, a Stewards' Cup on Repititious and a Cesarewitch on
As chief research wildlife biologist for the USDA Forest Service's Northeast Forest Experiment Station, DeGraaf recalls when the countryside of northern Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and southern Maine rang with the bobolink's bubbling refrain, the meadowlark's musical whistles, and the brown thrasher's repititious trills.
Rituals are often repititious and redundant, conveying the same message over and over again in different forms.