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The aim is to replace shiny metal or plated ABS in window and door fixtures, ski-boot bindings and buckles, speaker grilles, and plumbing fixtures.
Now Find and Replace produces this screen, replacing all the asterisks with 4s:
In addition to replacing the gyros, astronauts will patch insulation damaged by radiation, install a faster main computer, and replace Hubble's aging reel-to-reel tape recorder with a solid-state device.
Fok: I do think that eventually Gigabit Ethernet will replace FC.
That is why we have 5 (at the wing) pass to 3 and cut into the lane and then out to the same-side corner, looking for the ball as 4 v-cuts to replace him.
We are advising building managers and their hvac/r service providers on how to replace CFCs without getting burned," Rynecki said.
In private letter ruling 9548005, the Internal Revenue Service ruled that if a taxpayer decides not to replace the converted property, the gain from the conversion is to be reported on the return for the taxable year in which the gain was realized and the tax liability for that year is to be recomputed.
The December mission, which will require a record five spacewalks, has an ambitious list of 11 items to fix or replace.
Santoprene was chosen as the material to replace neoprene, polyurethane and copolyester TPE in some strut cover applications.