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Contents for which broadcasters are prepared to pay very high prices, whose degree of replaceability is very limited and where the broadcast time is an essential factor.
That these words contradict orthodox belief is because what is often overlooked is the theory of replaceability.
Nothing limits the simultaneous availability and replaceability of other contexts in which to situate what we casually call one and the same fact, be it a nonverbal event or a communication.
The effects of relationalism and supplier replaceability on industrial distribution channel outcomes.
Their importance will continue to grow in view of the replaceability and manifold employment options of unmanned systems.
Because labor does not own its position in the labor market under capitalism, the wages of labor are strictly determined by the replaceability of labor which, in turn, is regulated by the size of the "industrial reserve army," the proportion of laborers out of work and who stand ready to replace those already employed.
This is part of "the infinite replaceability of the rose" and the "plot of replacement" which has characters constantly supplanting one another (223, 225).
The tension over replaceability arises in the scene between Anne and Admiral Croft, but it is introduced with a deftness of humor and a complexity of resonances that border on legerdemain.
I take these to be manifestations of the fundamental feeling of alienation from significant social ties which I hypothesize the worker derives from his work situation, especially when he realizes his substitutability and replaceability at virtually a moment's notice.
In the Young and Morris' article on financial consequences, Cascio also provides for the user a performance replaceability matrix--this is a tool to define risk from the perspective of losing an employee.
Believing strongly in a good day's work for a good day's pay, McCurry feels that in today's competitive environment, workers must never overestimate their own self worth or replaceability.
It was a function that implied (if it did not reflect) a certain replaceability about actual children (as well as one that potentially undermines Aries' argument for a late eighteenth-century invention of childhood).