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The replaceable core is made of soft E-Z Flex foam that stops arrows in a heartbeat and allows you to remove them with ease.
On automotive drive train flanges, Global Gear & Machining reduced drill inventory from 600 pieces to just 20 drill bodies and a supply of replaceable points.
represents a possible threat to IBM, because huge and expensive computers may soon be replaceable by expandable systems of combined microcomputers.
a subsidiary of ManTech International Corporation, a contract for the development, production and support of equipment used in the testing and maintenance of the Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night (LANTIRN) weapons system Line Replaceable Units (LRUs).
Optional features include replaceable covers on the sleep surface, moisture barrier, and CAL 133.
Each of the Model 7267A's three sensors are easily replaceable, requiring only a single screw for installation or removal.
Vikan have introduced a new foamed rubber replaceable blade for their increasingly popular squeegee.
Mr Strange - real name Steve Harrington - said: "Kylie said although you are hurt and very badly scarred at least the bracelet is replaceable.
In addition, Wall Display features an easily replaceable screen with dry-erase or digital whiteboard options.
These systems use replaceable filtration media for effective plume removal in operating rooms and other medical treatment settings, ensuring a contamination-free environment by removing noxious and potentially carcinogenic hydrocarbon particles.
Other features include an adjustable handle opening and a replaceable blade.
Prices range from $45 in hospitals for limited-use units to $75 to $100 for the replaceable battery devices in retail pharmacies.