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Mr Simanga Mbuyane - replaces Mr Ngoako Ramatlhodi (ANC)
This NSN replaces the parts info shown for Item 1, Fig 9-11 of TM 5-3810-305-24R
But if your worksheet contains asterisks and you want to replace them with 4s, you need to tell Excel to cancel the asterisk's wild card attribute by placing a tilde ('~) before it like this: ~*
RAID technology removes a single source of potential failure and replaces it with multiple redundant sources of failure.
Replace the point whenever vacant, cut to the elbow, then spot up.
The polymer replaces flexible PVC in the design, which is a co-extrusion with rigid PVC.
The "Single Input, Single Output, Multi-Band RF Front End" makes it possible for a single RF receiver chip to replace multiple tuned RF front end transceivers, reducing both cost and power consumption.
Montell aims to develop a high-gloss, glass-reinforced compound to replace nylon in appliance handles, power-tool housings, and exterior auto trim.
He also questioned the department's immediate response to buy two helicopters from the Department of Water and Power, saying they will simply replace two that crashed this year.
A service technician will use the parts to replace original parts suspected of malfunctioning in the customer's computer.
It replaces acetal, which emitted formaldehyde fumes during high-heat sterilization.