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I gave you leave to replace the ballast; that was all
Ghek saw the warrior pause and gaze in sudden astonishment at the rykor; he saw the fellow's eyes go wide and an ashen hue replace the copper bronze of his cheek.
The wonderful Wizard of Oz had given him an excellent heart to replace his old one, and he didn't at all mind being tin.
distinguished from the Liberal, who wishes to replace them with
These plugs still existed; they had only to readjust them and replace the movable disc; every piece, easy to handle, as their weight was now scarcely felt, was quickly mounted.
They had, then, nothing to do but raise the metallic buffers fixed in the base, and replace them by the guns, which fitted closely in their places.
The pencil dropped, and we had to replace it in the hand.
When play was halted: 51st minute: Gudjohnsen treated for an injury - 3 0 seconds 58th minute: Cisse replaces Baros - 3 0 seconds 68th minute: Kezman replaces Tiago - 3 0 seconds 68th minute: Robben replaces Cole - 30 seconds 73rd minute: Kewell replaces Hamann - 3 0 seconds 76th minute: Huth replaces Geremi - 3 0 seconds 83rd minute: Nunez replaces Luis Garcia - 3 0 seconds 83rd minute: Pitch invasion - 1 minute
Edwards says that the bulk of his wear costs at ERRCO comes from hammers and grates, which he replaces fairly regularly every two to three months.
This NSN replaces the parts info shown as Item 18, Fig 150 of TM 5-3810-302-24P.
Hall replaces Richard Morecz, who has retired after 35 years of service to the company.
But when I hit Replace All, it replaces everything in the worksheet--not just the asterisks--because the asterisk is a wild card