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This replacing of the disc was at least an hour's work.
The market for replacing existing electricity meters with smart meters Linky.
Bouchard will be appointed Chief of Staff Supreme Allied Command Transformation Headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, replacing Lt.
Such a machine may not have experienced much wear and tear, so the customer may be given the option of replacing some parts while trying to get more life out of others.
On replacing Councilman Cameron Smyth if he is elected to state Assembly: Hold a special election.
Since the majority of the deteriorated sewers run beneath or nearby streets, with many of the lines ranging from eight to 15 inches in diameter and at a depth of 20 feet, replacing the lines would be complicated and expensive.
The new deadline for replacing Katrina-destroyed property begins on the date the property was destroyed and ends five years after the close of the tax year in which the gain on the property is realized (usually, the year insurance proceeds are received) .
By replacing them with high-efficiency compact fluorescent bulbs, you can save 80 percent on electricity and replace bulbs only one-fifth as often.
Replacing worn hammers as needed, and the replacement of all hammers as scheduled for rotation, will generally help maintain the rotor and shredder operation at their peak efficiency.
distribution manager, replacing Gregg White, who is retiring.
Depending on fleet size, replacing a vehicle at the wrong time can cost over $1,000 dollars per vehicle in depreciation costs.
Replacing the human interface can bring many benefits immediately including improved operator awareness, intelligent alarm management, and quick access to all process-related information.