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and appointed Chief of the Air Staff at NDHQ, in Ottawa, replacing Lt.
Replacing Smyth: Council members should interview candidates to replace him; requires 5-0 vote.
When you're designing a new building or replacing old windows, consult a book on solar orientation.
Each replacement module should meet or exceed the capacity and function of the modules it is replacing.
In addition to replacing the gyros, astronauts will patch insulation damaged by radiation, install a faster main computer, and replace Hubble's aging reel-to-reel tape recorder with a solid-state device.
Building managers are quick to point out that replacing CFCs is neither simple, inexpensive or in many cases necessary at present.
Replacing details from works by Masaccio, Van Eyck, and Ghirlandaio, for example, with emblems of Modern art and contemporary popular culture, she alters the identity and iconography of the original.
If, after taking account of all these considerations, the Congress is inclined toward replacing the $1 note, it should enact legislation with a reasonably delayed effective date so that all those affected can plan adequately for the transition.
Additional mixes were prepared with used foundry sand, replacing 25% and 35% of regular sand with used foundry sand.
Another $1 million will be used to test and repair vehicles, and $1 million to pay for scrapping and replacing vehicles.
Replacing parts as soon as possible is essential, Shimmels says, otherwise, it can do additional damage to the equipment.