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Replay Converter was designed to convert files from all the popular online formats to iPod Video, iPod Audio and iPod Audiobook formats.
NBA officials may not have to huddle as much on last-second shots next season, with the use of instant replay.
Instant replay redirects our attention from the game to the officials.
Viewers get more control than ever; they can record and replay programs with ease, and even have the box automatically record their favorite show every week or suggest other shows that they might want to catch.
Baseball reiterated that directive in June after crew chief Frank Pulli used television replay in a game between the Florida Marlins and St.
The new system uses an electronic push-button device worn by every head coach so he can signal the referee when he wants a call reviewed by replay.
The operation of the replay machine will be manned by a three-person crew.
The only owner in favor of bringing back instant replay for the playoffs was Jerry Jones of Dallas.
Most important, use the instant replay to overturn significant errors.
After a last-minute effort to resurrect it, 10 teams voted against bringing back replay for the first time since the 1991 season.
Replay A/V is the first software package to capture online media using both Audio Recording and Stream Capture technologies.
Now all PinPoint alerts include a Replay link - one click and Replay takes the user back in time so they can watch it happen again," explained Joel Ackerman, vice president of sales.