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TV Replay, which allows viewers to watch programs broadcast in the past 36 hours (3 euro per month).
How important the problem was is debatable, considering Carroll could have forced a replay by calling a timeout.
If anything, maybe Instant Replay II will show the refs to have been right more often than anyone wants to believe.
Texas was awarded an interception, correctly, by the Big Ten crew when a replay showed that safety Michael Griffin had indeed gotten a foot down inbounds in the end zone.
NBA officials may not have to huddle as much on last-second shots next season, with the use of instant replay.
In the ongoing mania over officiating, it seems to be lost that instant replay originally was intended to make sure that no glaring, egregious errors affected the outcome of games.
Tivo hasn't played up this capability - having decided to court favor among networks and advertisers - and now Replay has backed off advertising the feature, too.
No help and no replay - though that could change in the future as Major League Baseball tries to get greater control over umpires.
The $10 million replay project is designed to save face for a league left red-faced by some referees' embarrassing gaffes at the end of games last season.
The NFL now feels that the technology they were looking for almost 10 years ago has finally been developed, and it is now time to bring back the instant replay.