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Throughout the decision process, the Big East focused on providing its schools, teams and fans with the best replay technology on the market.
How important the problem was is debatable, considering Carroll could have forced a replay by calling a timeout.
Where football could have used a replay system last year, hockey had one and, at the decisive moment, didn't use it.
The new HD instant replay systems have been installed in 28 NFL stadium replay booths, which are staffed by replay officials, a video technician, a video operator and a communicator.
Data Instant Replay provides recovery capabilities that are more granular, flexible and powerful than anything else out there.
No wonder USC coach Pete Carroll chose to play without instant replay against Notre Dame.
One of the key advantages BeatBox Replay supplies is in immediately diagnosing web session problems.
After viewing the replay, Bryant later admitted it was probably the correct decision - ``I think he guessed a good call,'' Bryant said - but Granik said league officials have viewed the tape a hundred times and still can't tell.
In the first game of the series, Offerman was called out on a force play at second by Tim Reed, though replays showed Knoblauch never had possession of the ball.
While watching various replays during the commercial break, Fred Gaudelli, ESPN's senior coordinating producer for game telecasts, found a shot that showed Smith stepping out of bounds at the 4-yard line.
replay number: 0845-245-5205 International (including US) replay number: (44) 1452-55-00-00
The video technician presses the ``Make Play'' button as each play begins and ``Make Replay'' button once the network truck begins to show replays.