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In this, however, I was quite evidently in error, for the great bear stood with his nose not a foot from the blaze, which was now low, owing to the fact that I had been so occupied with my lesson and my teacher that I had neglected to replenish it.
On Wednesday the apex bank stopped its operations to replenish its international reserves from Tuesday, because of a rise in market volatility.
The patent-pending, multi-layered Replenish pervious precast system allows rainwater to flow through its surface, reducing flooding issues and sewer backups.
According to California-based Jason Foster, Founder and "Chief Reuser" of Replenish, his team met the R&D/Leverage team at a trade show in Florida, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Mynbayev said the block "N" could potentially replenish KMG's reserves on the shelf.
10 products to polish, hydrate, replenish, and improve appearance of skin
Sprint and Samsung won in the product-design category for their eco-friendly Replenish phone.
FEMA's announcement came after NLC released a statement urging Congress to honor its commitments and replenish the Disaster Relief Fund without offsets, explaining that, "Americans should not have to choose between rebuilding their communities and rebuilding the American economy.
Alcon business unit manager, Chris Miller said: "We are extremely pleased to extend the Opti Free RepleniSH range to include a flight size, giving our customers even greater choice.
With more MPAs, there is hope that rapidly falling fish stocks across the country can begin to replenish.
This is a movement in its infancy," a spokesman for Replenish said.
As quickly as we sweat, we need to replenish the fluid balance to prevent our bodies from going into dehydration" says O'Connell.