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Building on this impact, Coca-Cola in MENA plans to launch new projects in Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan, Algeria, Morocco in 2018 and will expand its replenish work to reach Sudan for the first time, bolstering drought and humanitarian response efforts.
These program aspects are in addition to Coca-Cola's replenish volume.
Replenish performance is independently reviewed by LimnoTech and verified by Deloitte.
Spancrete produces Replenish under strict guidelines to ensure quality and performance.
"And only after drilling of a second well at Zhambyl, we will be able to speak about what the reserve will replenish our resource base," he said.
Deterioration of a textbook is 5 years, after which it has to be reprinted and replenished. Proposed tariff for a one-year rental of a textbook is 25 som ($0.45).
TherapeuticsMD Inc (NYSE MKT: TXMD), a women's healthcare company, announced on Monday the receipt of approval to begin screening and enrolling subjects at its 50th site, the University of Florida College of Medicine, in the company's REPLENISH Trial.
Together, these electrolytes help replenish electrolyte deficiency in the body due to diarrhoea.
In either case, the number suggests third-quarter productivity is likely to increase as factories boost output to replenish depleted stock.
Developed specifically for dry, aging skin, this product nourishes, replenishes and firms.
has unveiled a sustainability plan that will not only replenish all of the wood it uses to create its products, but also help it to cut costs by becoming "net positive".
Sprint Nextel, Samsung Sprint Honored at 12th Annual Global Green Sustainable Design Awards for Samsung Replenish. Sprint Nextel was honored at yesterdayOs 12th Annual Global Green Sustainable Design Awards in New York City with the OProduct DesignO award for its collaboration with Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the No.