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ASTANA (CyHAN)- The resource base reserves of Kazakhstan's national company KazMunaiGas (KMG) will be replenished mainly with the help of fields in the Kazakh part of the Caspian shelf, the KazMunaiGas Chairman Sauat Mynbayev told Trend Dec.
Global Banking News-April 24, 2014--Laos central bank says it has replenished reserves
Rental scheme supposes that school libraries will be replenished by modern literature, and parents will make payments not simultaneously but during a school year," he continued.
Provider of software and IP for semiconductor design Synopsys Inc (Nasdaq:SNPS) announced on Friday that its board of directors has replenished its stock repurchase authorisation.
As platelets only have a shelf life of five days it is vital that these stocks are constantly replenished.
They then compared the effects of depleted and replenished blood on dogs by monitoring blood flow in the animals' hearts.
If any surplus remains after the BSF is replenished, remaining funds will be returned to taxpayers through the Income Tax Reduction Fund.
However, county officials say more well water is being pumped than is replenished naturally by rainfall, though exactly how much more is subject to dispute.
According to published reports, the study found that out-of-stock items that were RFID tagged were replenished three times faster than items using standard bar-code technology.
So if you are in a supermarket, you can dial into your refrigerator and find out what needs to be replenished.
The system architecture employs two clusters of eight bins, each with a ten cubic foot capacity, where ingredients are replenished into the bins through a bag break station on an elevated platform.
Lee Davisson, group leader of environmental chemistry and toxicology at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Health and Ecological Assessment Division, water dating is also important because it can give a much clearer picture of how quickly a groundwater supply is replenished and thus how heavily the supply can be used.