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If the replenisher oil level is low, add some FRH now.
Disconnect the hose from the plug on the top right side of the replenisher reservoir.
Uncoil the hose by sliding it out of the six retaining clips around the outside of the replenisher.
Put the small BU funnel, NSN 7240-00-404-9793, in the hose and slowly add FRH, NSN 9150-00-111-6256, until the fluid level reaches the MIN LEVEL mark on the replenisher.
Remove the funnel, slide the hose back through the retaining clips and reattach it to the plug on top of the replenisher.
For its part, the Lilt treatment line has been expanded with protein replenishers and hot-oil moisturizers.
This system has nine pallets of cartons against the pick face so pickers and replenishers can keep up with demand.
As selectors and stock replenishers empty bulk shipment cartons, they toss them up onto the top-tier conveyor.