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Schematic diagrams, on the other hand, have less repleteness and only a few elements conveying information.
(C1 71) Resplandor, volumen and bloque are prized concepts, the last of which recalls the circle's repleteness in "bloque del aire" (C1 13).
This list of three characteristics--density, repleteness, and the use of exemplification and its related mode, expressiveness--are my simplification of Goodman's "symptoms of the aesthetic," wherein he lists five: syntactic density, semantic density, relative repleteness, exemplification, and multiple and complex reference (Goodman 67ff).
And it is this repleteness of vehement emotion just held in check by the chosen form that makes so many of Baudelaire's most powerful lines seem to seethe at, and reach beyond, their surfaces, like.
Identifying these "purple hours" of visionary repleteness with a pagan dispensation, Oisin chooses the eternity of hell with his ancient tribe over the unsatisfactory heaven espoused by the saint.