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1977) Muscle glycogen repletion after high-intensity intermittent exercise.
Finally, we sought evidence of improved swallowing following nutritional repletion, as added evidence of a causal PEM-dysphagia relationship.
Some took carotene supplements throughout the study; the others added supplements only during the repletion phase.
And the sound is noble not because of its majestic harmonies alone, but precisely because it tacitly acknowledges that even the most majestic harmony marks - in its very fleetingness - a condition of ultimate unattainability rather than closure, repletion.
Choices: (945) "Opaqueness delivers"; (11) "Lubricant repletion without sandy booklet"; (2006c) "Memorial explosion truss.
The significantly low serum ferritin levels in the RLS group, the correlation between ferritin levels and severity of RLS and the improvement in symptoms with iron repletion, especially in patients with lower ferritin levels, suggest that depletion of iron stores, with or without anaemia, is related to the development of RLS.
We have to earn silence, then, to work for it: to make it not an absence but a presence; not emptiness but repletion.
You and her colleagues randomized 11 obese patients, with an average body mass index of 34 kg/m2, insulin resistance, and vitamin D deficiency to vitamin D repletion therapy.
The feeding activity was evaluated according to the stomach repletion index: RI = We * 100/Wt (Hyslop, 1980), where: RI: stomach repletion index; We: total weight mass of stomach content in grams (with approximation tof 0.
But perhaps clinicians should have a different focus: full nutrient repletion in their patients, to optimize their health.
In other words, through the strophic repletion and the constantly changing combinations, by reflecting on and distilling from tradition, I try to create a new musical ballade or a musical tale.