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Domain node is the node that has strong function, high bandwidth, long time online charging for data replication, and replica management.
In this paper, we propose a distributed replica detection scheme for MWSNs that uses time-distance broadcast of nodes to detect a replica.
That same outlet also stocks a [euro]240 replica sniper rifle used by Britain's SAS and there are a huge selection of handguns that look just like the real thing available in many shops and online from as little as [euro]25.
A SCHOOL was on lockdown when two youths were allegedly seen acting suspiciously nearby with replica weapons.
The theatrical display involved thousands of soldiers and a specially-designed replica of the Dome of the Rock mosque.
Posteriormente a que en 1966 el gobierno de Mexico se comprometio a cumplir con los acuerdos internacionales de la convencion de derechos humanos y el pacto de derechos civiles y politicos en materia de derecho de replica; que en 2007 se introdujo en el articulo 6 o de la Constitucion el derecho de replica; que en 2013 la reforma constitucional de las telecomunicaciones y la radiodifusion exigio considerar el derecho de replica como una garantia ciudadana; que en el 2014 las leyes secundarias de la reforma constitucional obligaron a que el derecho de replica fuera reglamentado por el Congreso en un plazo de 180 dias ...
According to Opare, the club is doing its possible best to sell the entire number of replica jerseys supplied by Umbro.
In March the Washington National Cathedral revealed its plans for a miniature replica of the church made entirely of Legos.
82 mm includes 10 solid replica 82mm Russian mortar rounds (solid wood, painted olive drab, and is marked in Russian to indicate both the weapon type and lot number).
Police arrested a driver who yielded a replica of a gun in Makati City in probable violation of the gun ban for the May elections.
Individuals found wearing replica police or military attire will be arrested and prosecuted, IG Joseph Boinnet has said.