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Eventually, the chain decided to pare down and get back to basics, creating a menu that mirrored customers' expectations for the brand and increased replicability.
The Berekuso Impact Study needed a survey sampling method that could be replicated over time that reflected operational consistency and reliability, and demonstrated good scientific replicability.
The resulting Code "aims to improve the quality of altmetric data by increasing the transparency of data provision and aggregation as well as ensuring replicability and accuracy of online events used to generate altmetrics.
For 2015, over 70 applications were submitted and reviewed based on technical merit, economic viability but also on sustainability and replicability - they have to be easily "copied" in other locations lacking water and electricity.
In taking over Beth's place, a second major theme, the replicability of women, is sounded.
This aims to provide exhaustible coverage of the relevant investment opportunity set with a string emphasis on index liquidity, inevitability and replicability.
Working in close collaboration with the World Economic Forum to identify promising projects in each region, an internal selection committee consisting of designated Abraaj teams from each of the Group's operating regions (Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, South East Asia, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Turkey and Central Asia), eventually chose nine projects, using quality, efficiency, sustainability, scale of impact, consistency of measurement, and replicability of the project as its key judging criteria.
In this exchange, Kelly seems to suggest that the need to adapt tutoring strategies to different kinds of learners is unique, and because of that, the complexity of the writing center as a research site disallows replicability or aggregability.
As in modern genetic studies, where a discovery-and-replication-sample design is standard, the use of two samples allowed testing the replicability and robustness of findings within one-and-the-same study.
Macchi's art embraces the fragmentation of what can be spoken as a defense against the looming specter of its own replicability.
Applying these principles will help to ensure that the Rapid Learning projects have the best chance of success, and that the "rapid" approach achieves real excellence in terms of cost effectiveness, bottom line impact, replicability, audience uptake and so much more.
Thus, the purpose of this proposed study is to explore the use of a propensity score model that uses a genetic matching algorithm to evaluate the replicability of limited first-year findings, using as participants a new cohort of students who participated in the second year of the program.