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Alu-HIV PCR was performed as described earlier (15, 17) by use of 42 replicate reactions of a mix with gag-reverse HIV primer and Alu-forward primer as well as 42 replicates by use of only primers specific to HIV gag (HIV-only PCR).
Sangamo Biosciences used a technique which disrupts a gene factor found in immune cells called CCR5 that is being used by HIV to attach itself, infect and replicate on T-cells.
For nitrite, Roche and Clarity stressed strips had only 11.3% to 14.1% agreement between the nitrate results from replicate 1 of the stressed and replicate 1 of the unstressed conditions as opposed to 96.5% to 98% agreement between the replicates of unstressed condition (control).
Five treatments of the greenhouse test contained six replicates. Treatments were arranged in a completely randomized order inside a greenhouse.
In the [F.sub.0] generation after 40 days of exposure, a total of 571 fish from 10 of the 12 replicates of each treatment were anesthetized, and weighed (wet weight, milligrams), and blood samples were collected from the caudal sinus.
Stocks held by an index fired normally replicate a particular securities market benchmark (e.g., the S&P 500 stock portfolio).
Virus isolation was slightly more sensitive, detecting virus in two of three replicates at the [10.sup.-7] dilution; the real-time RT-PCR test detected SARS-CoV in three of three replicates at [10.sup.-5] to [10.sup.-6] dilution, depending on primer sets.
A computer virus is a program that replicates by inserting or attaching itself to other computer programs or media and can disrupt a computer system's functional abilities.
Each year Michonski chooses a different country and replicates the holiday foods and traditions of that country.
Should an application server suffer from excessive workloads, a WANSync replica can quickly and easily be deployed to boost performance and provide high data resource availability." "WANSync Server effortlessly replicates 100 Gigabytes of data within a 4-hour period every night," said Anna Mazor, Financial Sector Leader at IBM Global Services Israel.
Because the virus replicates constantly, even such brief exposure can allow drug-resistant viral species to be selected.
Trojan Horse A program that neither replicates nor copies itself, but causes damage or compromises the security of the computer.