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We detected a high ZIKV RNA load and replicative ZIKV in semen samples, but ZIKV remained undetectable by rRT-PCR in the blood sample collected at the same time.
cruzi replicative epimastigote and infective trypomastigote forms, which is a different mechanism of action than the conventional drugs to kill the parasite.
We used PCR to measure relative TL at PD upon replicative senescence (46 PD) and acrolein-induced senescence (30 PD) in HFL-1 cells and the equivalent PD (30 PD) in vehicle (sterile water) control HFL-1 cells.
However, high-fidelity DNA polymerases are unable to replicate template strands of DNA containing most, if not all, altered bases, resulting in replicative arrest.
This is typically referred to as the replicative phase of chronic HBV infection.
The normal replicative lifespan in natural yeast is 25.
The problem with adult stem cells is their replicative capacity is limited so it's very difficult to envisage how we can scale up to large-scale production.
The course of chronic HBV infection can be divided into the following four phases based on markers of replicative or non-replicative disease:
The observed results suggested a consistent replicative burst needed for rapid growth and development leading to sexual maturity, adulthood and reproductive potency in these animals.
These innovative individuals are very different from the population William Baumol has called replicative entrepreneurs--those who start new businesses similar to those they see around them (see further reading 1).
Instead the nRNA product contains several short oligonucleotide sequences that are mirror images to unique sites on the viral mRNA from the viral replicative genes.
Other topics of the 24 papers include replicative aging in yeast, disulfide-linked protein folding pathways, regulation of MHC class I assembly and peptide binding, evolution of coloration patterns, and immunological synapses and kinapses as variations of amoeboid locomotion.