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The Pleading in which a plaintiff responds to the defendant's demand for relief asserted in a set-off or counterclaim.

In most states and in the federal courts, a reply is permitted only when the defendant has specifically made a properly labeled counter-claim or when the court orders the plaintiff to file a formal response to an answer.

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1 a speech by counsel for the plaintiff in a civil case, or for the prosecution in a criminal case, in answer to the points raised by the defence.
2 a pleading served by the plaintiff in a civil action in answer to the defence. Where there is a counterclaim it is often contained in the same document.
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"Yes, a shell," replied Barbicane; "decidely it must be.
"If we follow the usual proportion," replied Morgan, "a diameter of 108 inches would require sides of two feet thickness, or less."
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"Nothing easier." replied the worthy secretary of the committee; and, rapidly tracing a few algebraical formulae upon paper, among which n ^2 and x ^2 frequently appeared, he presently said:
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'Not to live upon my mother,' replied Nicholas, his heart swelling as he spoke.
'That,' replied Ralph, 'that, I think, can be got over.'